Dani with campers.
Counselor Dani with her fan club at Camp Carew.
The old bridge at Camp Carew.
The old bridge at Camp Carew.

Review for Wednesday

Don't think of this review as an event marking the end of your learning. Study the lessons, answer these questions, and then, if you want, go back, review the lessons and answer these questions again. You're welcome to repeat this pattern over and over until YOU feel you've learned what YOU wanted to learn.

1. What was the focus for today?

2. What was the Bible story for today?

3. True or False: A major part of today's Bible lesson is love without conditions.

4. Which table grace (also known as the prayer before a meal) did we learn and sing today?

5. What mission did we learn about today?

6. What does that mission primarily provide?

7. What was today's nature category?

8. What is the definition of today's nature category?

9. What hymn did we learn about today?

10. What was the nationality of the writer of today's hymn?

Score =

Correct answers:

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Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.