She hums because she doesn't know the words.
A statuesque heron.
A curious kestral.
A wild turkey on the Camp Carew playing field.
Working on craft projects at Camp Carew.

Time to Create

Campers of all ages enjoy Camp Carew during the year. Some craft projects are better suited to younger campers and some are designed for older campers. The projects on this page begin very easy and become more challenging as you scroll down the page. I hope that each activity will help you remember a little bit about today's nature study.

I've tried to select crafts that don't require specialized tools or supplies.

After you've finished a craft project, I invite you to email us a .jpg or .png photo of your handiwork at I'll upload your photo to the forum so that other "virtual campers" may see what you've made. Make sure to include your name, your city, and your state with your contribution.

Biodegradable Bird Feeders

You will need:

How to make a Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle

You will need:

Origami Crane

You will need:

How to Draw an American Goldfinch

You will need:

The Easiest, Cheapest Hummingbird Feeder Ever

You will need:

The Camp Carew logo.

Camp Carew welcomes campers from all religious traditions.
Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.