A monarch caterpillar.
A monarch caterpillar
A monarch pupa and a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.
A monarch pupa and a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.
An adult monarch.
An adult monarch.
A caterpillar.
A caterpillar.
The monarch (Danaus plexippus) was chosen in 1975 to be the Illinois state insect. Third grade classes in Decatur originally suggested the species.


All of God's creation is worthy of study. Whether you're a young camper learning the differences between warm- and cold-blooded animals, a college student studying the interactions among the animal and plant components in a given ecosystem, or a research scientist mapping a creature's genome, the study of nature is basic to understanding how you and I fit into the whole of creation.

The top video is appropriate for campers in the first and second grades. The videos become more challenging as you scroll down the page until the bottom video teaches material that might be a bit challenging to college students.

All about Insects

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Insects

Mason Bees Are A Gardener’s Best Friend

Basic Insect Identification

What Ants Teach Us about the Brain, Cancer, and the Internet

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