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Camp Carew provides a setting in which the Christian faith can be experienced in fellowship with others.

Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association.

We seek to help people deepen their awareness of God, each other, and the natural world by providing a camp program and a setting in which personal growth can take place. Our goal is that campers will strengthen their own sense of personal worth as well as their relationship to Jesus Christ and to others.

Camp Carew is a member of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association (PCCCA). As a member of the PCCCA, Camp Carew is also a part of the Campfire Collective. The Collective is an ecumenical ministry of the PCCCA. It currently serves the camps and conference centers from several denominations. Currently including ministries from:

Campfire Collective American Camp Association.

Camp Carew is also a member of the American Camp Association and has achieved accreditation status, by completing a voluntary peer review process of standards applicable to our programs.

Activities at Camp Carew are directed toward Christian community. Through group living in the small unit, campers and leaders are challenged to work, plan, play, study, sing, and worship together.

Counselor Emily Wallace's Map of Camp Carew.
Counselor Emily Wallace's Map of Camp Carew. (Click for a large, printer-friendly version of this map.)

Camp Carew provides children and young adults with Christian summer camps and can host retreats for persons of all ages throughout the year. Established in 1952, Camp Carew is built on sixty acres nine miles south of Carbondale, Illinois in the beautiful woods of Little Grassy Lake inside the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.

Kemmerer Village Executive Director Schäles Nagle.

Camp Director Dan Kingery

Donations to Kemmerer Village's Camp Carew by check may be mailed to:

Kemmerer Village
941 N 2500 East Road
Assumption, IL 62510

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2024 Camp Carew Brochure

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Camp Carew welcomes campers from all religious traditions.
Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.
Camp Carew complies with the American Camp Association and the CDC guidelines as they pertain to Camp Carew.

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