Playing shaving cream whiffle ball.
Playing shaving cream whiffle ball.

Time to Move

Many of us sit in front of screens for much of the day. We do school work by computer; we watch television; we play video games; and we visit with some of our friends and family members online. Sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time isn't healthy for anyone.

At Camp Carew we walk and hike a lot. We run, twist, and jump on the playing field. Some campers ride horses. Most campers paddle kayaks and canoes. We do all of that at the "physical" Camp Carew, but we aren't there right now. If you've been staying indoors at home for the last few months, your body probably needs you to get up and move.

Remember, not everyone has the same abilities. Very few of us are athletes. Please consider these videos as guides not requirements. Not everybody is able to do all of these activities. Take everything at your own pace. Don't feel like you MUST do anything here. We just want to encourage you to move as much as you are able. We also want you to have fun.

Easy Kids Choreography

Brief Workout

Full Workout

Youth Fitness - Cardio 2

Yoga for Kids

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Camp Carew welcomes campers from all religious traditions.
Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.