Fire pit.
The fire pit in the Rev. David McNabb Worship Center at Camp Carew.
Singing grace before a meal.

Time to Sing

Please, don't just listen to these music videos. Sing along, and if there are actions, stand up and do them. If you're not familiar with a song, play the video over and over until you have learned the song and can sing it on your own.

Singing is one of my favorite parts of worship. But think about this. Why do we sing? Who are we singing for, and who are we singing to? I believe that our songs are gifts we give to God.

In Hebrews 13:15, we're taught that praise is the proper way to worship God. You don't need to be in a choir to sing praise to God. You can sing a prayer before you eat your meals. You can sing or hum while you mow the yard. You can sing in the shower or in the bathtub. You can sing while you clean your room. There's never a wrong time to sing praise to God.

If we left out one of your favorite camp songs, please tell us at

Be Present at Our Table, Lord (Prayer before a Meal)

The Love of God

A Place in the Choir


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