Horseback Camp at Camp Carew. Horseback Camp at Camp Carew. Horseback Camp at Camp Carew.
Horseback Camp at Camp Carew.

Horseback Camp

for Campers Entering 7th‑12th Grades

June 12–18, 2022

Horseback Camp teaches campers the basics of horseback riding and equestrian care. It features regular camp activities and at least four hours of horse activities each day. The camp is for both Junior- and Senior-High campers.

Awards Day for Horseback Camp at Camp Carew.
Awards Day for Horseback Camp at Camp Carew.

Horseback Camp is $385 per camper. Scholarships are available.

Register for Horseback Camp

All CampDoc registration forms MUST be 100% complete online BEFORE the camper arrives at camp.

The registration for each camper includes a section for your physician to complete and sign. This section must be scanned and posted into each camper's registration.

Your camp registration payment must be made through the CampDoc website before the camper arrives at camp. Please email Camp Director, Dan Kingery for scholarship information.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about registering online. If you have further questions, You may call the CampDoc office at 734-636-1000.

Horseback Camp at Camp Carew

At Camp Carew, We seek to help people deepen their awareness of God, each other and the natural world by providing a camp program and a setting in which personal growth can take place. Our hope is that campers will strengthen their own sense of personal worth as well as their relationship to Jesus Christ and to others. Activities at Camp Carew are directed toward Christian community. Through group living in the small unit, campers, and leaders are challenged to work, plan, play, study, sing, and worship together.

Camp Songs Typical Day at Camp What to Bring and NOT Bring

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Camp Carew welcomes campers from all religious traditions.
Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.
Camp Carew complies with the American Camp Association and the CDC guidelines as they pertain to Camp Carew.

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