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Burke, JenniferFY 2023Program, Publicity, and PersonnelPSEI River to River
Cox, MarthaFY 2022Program, Publicity, and PersonnelPSEI Bridge
Gritten, SteveFY 2022Buildings and GroundsPSEI Salt Fork
Hathy, JoshFY 2024Buildings and Grounds, ChairPSEI River to River
Hinthorn, MarshaFY 2023Program, Publicity, and PersonnelPresby. of Great Rivers
Jarrell, AdrienneFY 2022Program, Publicity, and PersonnelPSEI East Central
Johnson, MarleneFY 2024Program, Publicity, and PersonnelPSEI Greater Decatur
McNabb, DavidFY 2024Buildings and GroundsPSEI Bridge
McNabb, RobertFY 2023Financial LiaisonPSEI Salt Fork
Moberly, SheriFY 2024Program, Publicity, and Personnel, Chair
Buildings and Grounds
PSEI East Central
Rozanski, DavidFY 2023Buildings and GroundsPSEI Greater Decatur
Smith, StuartFY 2022Webmaster and ModeratorPSEI Salt Fork
The Fiscal Year for Kemmerer Village begins on July 1.

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Camp Carew welcomes campers from all religious traditions.
Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.
Camp Carew complies with the American Camp Association and the CDC guidelines as they pertain to Camp Carew.