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The Camp Carew signpost.
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The entrance to Camp Carew.
The entrance to Camp Carew.

Virtual Camp Carew

Our younger sisters and brothers are missing a great deal of structured learning time during this pandemic. Sunday School classes have been canceled, VBS has been canceled, and most mission trips have been canceled or indefinitely postponed. This program, what we're calling "Virtual Camp Carew," is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to do effective religious education while maintaining a healthy social distance.

The physical Camp Carew is nestled along Little Grassy Lake within the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge south of Carbondale, Illinois. Obviously, virtual camp will not be as much fun as attending a week with other campers in the wildlife refuge. This online program will attempt to provide you "virtual campers" with some of the Bible lessons, camp songs, craft projects, and other activities that "in-person" campers have enjoyed at Camp Carew since 1952.

Although this program was designed specifically for school-age young people from the Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois, we welcome "virtual campers" of all ages, from all traditions, and from all locations to celebrate and discover God in nature and in one another. We are not trying to make anyone a perfect little Presbyterian (if such a thing exists). We're trying to build an online environment where each of us can celebrate and discover the Creator of all things who loves each of us beyond measure.

We invite you to celebrate and discover with us.

Rev. Dr. Stu Smith, Moderator
Camps and Conferences Board
Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois

P.S. We are using the pattern of Bible lessons and themes that was published several years ago by Inside Out: Christian Resources for Outdoor Ministries. We are using videos from YouTube for many of our activities. Unless otherwise indicated, the photographs on this website were taken by Camp Director, Dan Kingery.

The Camp Carew logo.

Camp Carew welcomes campers from all religious traditions.
Camp Carew is a drug- and alcohol-free environment.

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